Gift Guide: Which Flowers are Best for Specific Occasions
Gift Guide: Which Flowers are Best for Specific Occasions

There are countless moments where you find yourself asking the golden question: “What gift should I get them?” Once you get out of the tired routine of impersonal gift cards and into the world of sending flowers, you will thank your lucky stars that you made such a smart choice. Kudos to you!

Here’s the catch: you then have to decide which flowers to choose! Before you give up, we are putting on our superman capes and saving the day with a few easy tips on how to select the best flowers for each gifting occasion.

When you order from us, we take the time to learn your story and work together to come up with the very best arrangements for you or your loved ones.

Here are a few recommendations while selecting the best flowers for special occasions:

Birthday Bouquet: Celebrate this cheerful day with lilies, orchids, and carnations. Just a few flowers that represent happiness and love. What better way to wish your loved ones a long healthy life than by sending long-lasting flowers!

Valentine’s Day: Red Roses. Need we say more?

Baby Showers:
It’s a Boy!: This occasion calls for blue hydrangeas, spider mums, and white roses.
It’s a Girl!: Nothing says “Congrats on the birth of your future #girlboss” like pink spray roses, white hydrangeas, and of coarse, peonies!
Gender Neutral: Yellow! Yellow! Yellow! Sunflowers and daisies to be specific.

Or our favorite occasion…

Just Because: Nothing says “Thank you for just being you” like a custom flower box made by yours truly!

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